Leadership Team

Scott Turner

Visionary (Owner)

US Navy 1989-1994
Master of Physics, VCU 1999
ISA Certified Arborist MA-4460AT
CVNLA Certified Horticulturalist

I am a lifelong Richmonder and love the simple life I live with my wife and two daughters in a lush urban forest near the banks of the ancient James River.

After travelling the world for five years as an enlisted member of the United States Navy, I earned a Master’s Degree in Physics before deciding that trees and nature had become my passion. I started Truetimber in 1998, and started an outdoor outfitting business called Riverside Outfitters in 2005 to share my love of our river, our trees, and the tree climbing experience.
In 2014 I was named a “River Hero” by the Friends of the James River Park for my stewardship of the great Richmond Outdoors.

When I am not working(rare) I am running Richmond’s streets and trails, hanging out with family, or reading and writing.

Peter Girardi

Integrator (CEO)

US Army 1989-1992
ISA Certified Arborist, MA-0657AT
VNLA Certified Horticulturist #: 2325
B.S. Forestry and Wildlife, Virginia Tech 1996

I love everything about Richmond including my high school sweetheart and my 3 children who all attended the same high school I attended. After high school I joined the US Army where I served as an Infantry soldier. I fortunately spent my duty close to home, stationed in Arlington, VA with the ceremonial unit, The Old Guard. Directly after the military, I pursued and completed my degree in Forestry and Wildlife Science, realizing my true passion was in trees. My first stop as an Arborist was with a company here in Richmond where I learned most of my tree climbing skills and was a salesman for that company. After Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and climbing a lot of trees, I was hired as one of the City of Richmond Arborists and was quickly promoted to Urban Forester. Shortly thereafter, when I met Truetimber through recreational tree climbing events in the City, I realized I could combine my enthusiasm for the natural world and my passion for trees and call Truetimber my home. Having ridden my bike all over the city as a youth along with my past experience raft guiding the James, I continue to find new and unexplored gems in RVA. In addition to my passion for trees, if you want to have a long conversation with me, get me talking about cycling, mountain biking, alternative medicine and real food.

Aidan Stewart

Client Solutions Manager

ISA Certified Arborist MA-6082AT
Certified Tree Care Safety Professional CTSP 03624                     

VNLA Certified Horticulturalist 3515                                                     

B.A. History, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2015

TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification)

Although I’m originally from California, I have lived in Virginia for just over a decade now and specifically in Richmond for most of that time! I spent my college years as a very active rock climber and outdoorsman and promised myself to choose a career that would keep me outside. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015 I worked for a brief time with the James River Park System before finding Truetimber. I am so happy to have discovered arboriculture and am proud to call myself an arborist. I cannot imagine myself in any other profession
When I am not taking care of Richmond’s urban forest, I enjoy playing and listening to heavy metal and hanging out with my wife, as well as playing Dungeons and Dragons and various other tabletop games.

Wesley Bowers

Operations Manager

ISA Certified Arborist MA-6258AT

Born and raised in RVA. Taking part in high quality arboriculture is the way I enjoy giving back to the community and natural world we are all a part of. Very proud to be a “red shirt” and that I get to spend my days surrounded by some of the best people Richmond has to offer. When not a work I like to relax by spending time with my family and staying physical.

Jeff Inman

Risk Manager

My passion for the outdoors runs deep. My mothers side of the family is rooted in the mountains of West Virginia and it is there where this passion was cultivated. My grandfather taught me about trees and how wood reacts in different ways in his woodshop. Later in life, I found rock climbing at 17 in the hills of West Virginia and have been hopelessly addicted to a life at height ever since.

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2011 with a degree in Natural Resources Conservation, I met my beautiful wife, Kelsey, and we began a life in the trees. Tree climbing has taken me around the world and back. This life has been one I never anticipated and am reminded on a daily basis that I have been truly blessed to be in this community and industry. I say it often, tree people are the best kind of people. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these fine Red Shirts and hope that we are inspiring the next generation of tree climbers. If you don’t already know, we have a special aerial playground here in RVA, matched by few places across the globe. I’m darn proud to swing around in our tree tops.

More than all of that though, I am blessed to be a husband and father. To share life, specifically a life lived outside, with my family. We are raising our children to know what it means to work hard and follow your dreams.

Savanna Dixon

Employee Care Manager

I was born and raised in Powhatan County, the place I call home. I graduated high school in 2008 and immediately enrolled at John Tyler community college. After just two semesters, I realized that I did not have a strong passion for a specific profession, and decided to seek out a career instead. I joined the Truetimber family in 2009, just one year after graduation, and immediately felt at home. As a Pisces, I have always loved nature and the outdoors, so it seemed a natural fit. I am proud every day to help build our mission to become the best workplace in the arboricultural world. When not at work, you will likely find me outside with my boyfriend and our dog Millie, exploring one of our many state parks, fishing, or floating our mighty James River.

Client Solutions

Mike Mather

Tree Care Advisor

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist MN 0307BM
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
Bachelor’s degree Biology University of Northern Iowa 1990

My path to Truetimber began in the Midwest. After graduating college in Iowa, My wife and I headed to Northern Minnesota where I worked at an environmental learning center teaching kids in the forests and lake country of the North Woods. In 1997, I moved to St. Paul and it was there that I learned arboriculture and tree climbing while working for a small tree company. In 2003, we moved to Richmond where I joined a local tree company and experienced my first hurricane, Isabel. In 2006, I was hired as a Richmond city arborist where I worked for 10 years managing city trees. In 2016, I joined the Truetimber team. When I find time to slip away from work and family, I can frequently be found on or near the James, running trails or paddling the river.

Joel Nolting

Tree Care Advisor

ISA Certified Arborist MA-4464A
Former Owner, Horizon Tree Care

Native to Richmond with the exception of a brief period of time in the Bay Area, I’m still fascinated by the number of old growth trees located in and around the city. Since about the time I could drive I’ve been working in and around Richmond’s urban forest. Between classes at VCU, I would always get drawn back to the trees and eventually made a decision that I would make it my career.

When I’m not talking about trees I can be found hanging out with my son or somewhere in the woods on a dirt bike or perhaps somewhere pretending to be a musician.

Greg Crews

Tree Care Advisor

ISA Certified Arborist MA-5012A
TRAQ Qualified
B.S. Landscape Design, Penn State

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Truetimber Team. I come from a 13 year background at Bartlett Tree Experts where I started my career in Charlottesville climbing and performing plant healthcare after graduating from Penn State with a landscape design degree. I spent two and half years in the field in Charlottesville and then moved to Richmond in January 2011 to begin selling for the Richmond office.

James Luggen

Tree Care Advisor

ISA Certified Arborist 5926AT
ISA Tree Climber Specialist
TCIA Aerial Lift Specialist

I’ve worked for Truetimber since 2015 and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I never thought getting a high from the work I’m doing would take me all the way to the tree tops! It’s been a great time meeting new people in the city and helping them to make the best decisions for their trees. I consider myself a steward of the trees and I find beauty and purpose in all of them, even the Ailanthus! In my spare time I like to go down to the river, hang out with my dog Lil Bill and ride my chopper across the city with not much for a destination, pulling over whenever I might see a neat tree!

Client Care

Sonja Sims

Client Care Specialist

Proud mom of daughter Riley and wife to Dusty. Hobbies include running, reading and floral design/crafting. I can usually be found with my sidekick and BFF Jed tagging along.

Elizabeth Bowers

Client Care Specialist

Graduate of VCU with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psycology. Proud dog mom of two dogs, Gadston and Zoey. My hobbies include reading, singing and dancing. When not at work, you will likely find me relaxing at home with my husband.

Project Management

Danielle Lockwood

Project Manager

I was born in Richmond, VA and raised in Powhatan, VA where I met my fiancé in high school. I love nature and spending time on or near any body of water, fishing or floating, hiking trails and exploring new small towns. I have a passion for Herbology and finding natural cures. I am obsessed with my Golden retriever named Maple who is one of many red rovers here at Truetimber. We are animal lovers with four spoiled cats (we will never turn down a stray) seven ducks and working to expand our feathered flock this spring. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have a certification in dental assisting, but my love for nature won. The culture and passion here at TrueTimber is what pulled me in and I look forward to my future here.

Jean Fiedler

Project Manager

My name is Jean Berry Fiedler. I was born and raised in Richmond Virginia. I have three older brothers, and I am the youngest sister. I graduated from Monacan high school in 1991 and Radford University in 1995, with a degree in outdoor recreation and leisure studies. After college, I moved to New Hampshire, and worked for the Appalachian mountain club for a few years, and then also lived in Utah, working at the Alta lodge during the winters. I lived in San Diego for a short period of time before moving back to Richmond with my current husband. Where we have been married now for 16 years and have two lovely children. I started working for Truetimber back when we were at the Riverside Outfitters compound. Starting with Riverside Outfitters and moving into a Truetimber position. Since then I have worked at Cross Creek nursery where I was doing payroll and accounting.  I love art and nature, and I’m trying to make more art out of nature these days . Any reason or any time I am able to be outside that’s where I like to be.

Operations Specialists

Skye Soderberg

Production Specialist

A fresh transplant from Rhode Island, I came to Truetimber seeking out the reputation of skill and experience the company has earned and fell in love with the camaraderie and culture of teamwork. I am very excited to start a new chapter of my life in Richmond, so if I’m not at work, you’ll see me out exploring the city and experiencing the community!

Justin Grabosky

Production Specialist

Certified Arborist
TTA Climber 1
ISA Certified Tree Worker

I love treework for the teamwork it brings to my day. There’s nothing better professionally than being on a project where everything is just working, everyone is happy and working as hard as they can for the person next to them. I like Truetimber for being the only company I know of that is willing to change literally anything if it means a better workplace for it’s employees. Safety is not impossible to find in an employer but caring for the employees is very hard to find. When I’m not at work you would probably find me working on my home renovation. I also enjoy automotive mechanic tinkering. I am into anything computer related. I am currently working on whole home automation and setting up and upgrading my home server and networking. I think my passion in life is learning new things so I am always looking for a new skill to learn.

Allen Blevins

Equipment Manager

I have worked for Truetimber since 2007. My primary role is to keep our equipment up and running, and to keep our teams fully equipped with what they need to do their jobs well.

Team Leaders

Spencer Hughes

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

Working at Truetimber has given me a great opportunity to work with some great people and see some awesome trees!
In my free time I enjoy playing music and going to concerts.

Andrew Ellis

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Chie Level Graduate

My favorite things about working at Truetimber are being outside all the time and the unique problem solving we often face. When not at work I enjoy biking, rock climbing, and trail running.

Sebastien Carpentier

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

Working at Truetimber has allowed me to experience up-close the diverse urban forest of Richmond – a daily opportunity I am very grateful for! On the weekends I’m usually digging around in the dirt, skateboarding, or making “art” in my studio.

Jared Swainston

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist
Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

My favorite thing about arboriculture is getting to see many different beautiful trees up close! I especially love to see how trees in different places will grow to adapt to their unique surroundings in Richmond’s urban forest. When I’m not at work I enjoy backpacking, going to concerts, and rock-climbing.

Chloe Eakle

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

I’ve always dreamed of working in National and State Parks in my pursuit of finding a job where I could just be in nature all day, working hard, learning constantly, and leaving the world a little better than I found it every day. It was hard to decide what I exactly wanted to do as a vocation, since I am not a ‘leave my work at work’ kind of person. I really love wholly investing my time and energy in to something that I love. When I found Truetimber I was so excited to have found a career/profession that seemed to suit my dreams.

Dave Deese

Team Leader

Deese! Your wood removal guy: I pick up what they’re putting down! I started tree work a little over 3 years ago, needing part time work while I fixed bicycles and guided the James River with Riverside Outfitters, but quickly went full time with True Timber. I didn’t know anything about tree work except it looked exciting and the folks were inspiring and fun to work alongside. Also, I wanted to prove to myself that I could hack it. While, I’m a decent climber at best, I feel most confident in my ground and equipment operations. Roping is absolutely my favorite aspect of tree work besides running equipment. Knuckle booms! Though I may not be the one taking down big trees; I’ve got no problem throwing a log over my shoulder. Since my time at TT, I have not only worked with some of the best people, I’ve learned a lot about the natural life in our beautiful city.

Torry Miller

Team Leader

Just your friendly neighborhood stump grinder here! With stump grinding being one of my main rolls at Truetimber, I also enjoy working as a Soil Specialist and a Knuckle Boom Operator when needed. My mission is to make sure that the job is done safely, efficiently and most importantly leaving the client with a big smile.

Ray Pettway

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist MA-5600

Born and raised in Virginia, and I have lived in the RVA for over twenty five years. I’ve been with the company since September 2014 & am fiercely proud to work for the greatest tree care company on the planet. I am a five year member of the safety committee, certified arborist, certified horticulturalist, & Heartwood team member. I enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of the field, teaching new hires, & storm damage.

Christopher Martin

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

Working at Truetimber really immersed me in the field or arboriculture with solid training and depth of experience from my co-workers.
I’m and amateur Bonsai enthusiast, and I love to bike and climb trees or rocks in my spare time. I was once tasked with becoming Parker J Redfox, the official mascot for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Tasha Cortimilia

Team Leader

I love tree work and love more that I get to do it as a part of Truetimber!  Working outside is a gift that keeps me both in touch with the natural cycle of things and grounded – despite being aerial. Outside of work, you will still find me outside in my garden, on a trail with my dog, or on my porch relaxing.

Drew Wilmink

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

My Favorite thing about arboriculture is seeing the trees from an angle few people ever get to. I also love the challenge of difficult removal

Caroline White

Team Leader

ISA Certified Arborist 6129A
TTA Groundwork Specialist

I am a Certified Arborist who went to school for farming too! When I’m not working on trees I’m at home building and maintaining our little

Climber Apprentices

Jack Shade

Tree Climber

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

Adam Baggett

Tree Climber

ISA Certified Arborist

Truetimber Academy Grandis Level Graduate

I really enjoy the ability to work outside everyday as well as having to come up with creative solutions to large and difficult problems. I appreciate how the people at TT are incredibly passionate about what they do. Outside of work, I love whitewater kayaking and rafting. I still guide raft trips for Riverside outfitters when I can.

Ross Metcalf

Tree Climber

TTA Groundworker Specialist

Connor Bowen

Tree Climber

ISA Certified Arborist MA-6005AT
ISA Certified Tree Climber
TTA Climber 1

My favorite thing about tree work is finding creative and safe ways to remove the massive amounts of material we need to remove and finding my way through tree canopies to the perfect work positions. The problems are new and interesting every day.

At Truetimber I feel like I’m not just in a great work place but I’m also in a great family. Everyone is always trying to help one another achieve goals in work and in life.

Outside of work I love doing just about anything with my friends and family, and sports.


Alex Van Noland

Tree Climber

I am a second generation tree guy from California. I moved to Richmond in 2018 and started working in this industry full time. I’m excited to be here at Truetimber and become the best arborist I can be!

Reilly Meng

Tree Climber

I love tree work.

Taylor Priddy

Tree Climber

I grew up working outside and can’t imagine spending my days anywhere else. I also can’t imagine my life without ice cream, and I don’t want to!

Jaden Busching

Tree Climber

I like to work hard, and play hard. Preferably at the same time!

Reilly Flynn

Tree Climber

I’m Reilly! I just graduated from JMU where I studied and English and philosophy, and I came to True Timber with a desire to combine my love of doing cool things at height and serving the Richmond community. Everyday I’m proud to be apart of a team that values constant learning, hard work, and environmental service. When I’m not wearing a red shirt I love reading, playing my guitar, and pursuing the perfect loaf of sourdough bread 🙂

Roberto Gorjon-Andujar

Tree Climber

I was raised in Virginia and moved to Richmond in 2020. I love spending my time outside. When I’m not working you can find me on the river, on the trails, or in the park slacklining.

Miron Honer

Tree Climber

Introduced into forest management working as a backcountry wilderness ranger in the boundary waters of Minnesota has placed me in an eternal path of working outdoors on the land. I’ve since worked for conservation corps removing invasive trees along Utah water ways and spent the rest of my time farming all over the west coast and a bit in the Midwest. Excited to explore all the new flora and fauna Virginia has to offer!

Dylan Rott

Tree Climber

Like a cold glass of sweet iced tea on a hot summer day.

Alex Wilson

Tree Climber

I love tree work because it’s a perfect mix of things I enjoy: being outdoors, operating heavy machinery, fancy rope work, and of course, climbing!

Nathan Salle

Tree Climber

I love riding bikes!

Keith Shanklin

Tree Climber

I was born in Germany, raised in Florida with a short stint in England. Graduate of Berklee College of Music where I studied drumming. Married since 2001 with 5 children. Currently homesteading in Caroline Co. I enjoy reading, music, cooking, home improvement, communing with nature and spending quality and quantity time with family.

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