Emergency Tree Service

Fortunately, in Richmond, we are not usually victim to nature’s most violent outbursts.

Always here to help. . . Floyd, Isabel, Irene, Gaston, 2012 June Derecho, the June storm of 2016 . . . we’ve seen it all.

The worst damage to trees in Richmond is usually a result of hurricanes or tropical systems.

Truetimber can help you understand which of your trees are the most likely targets, and what you might do to minimize potential storm damage at your house.

If the damage is already done, we will respond as quickly as possible to your emergency and remove the threat while minimizing collateral damage.

Our own clients and various insurance companies have learned repeatedly that we do not attempt to capitalize from your storm damage emergencies, but instead apply a reasonable emergency response surcharge.

Count on us to offer and deliver a fair, reliable solution that gets you back to normal as quickly as possible.

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